About the Author

Cvetka Kocjančič, Ontario Canada

Cvetka Kocjančič was born in 1949 in Slovenia. Immigrating to Canada, she studied at York University, majoring in psychology and humanities.

Over the span of the next four decades, she distinguished herself as a bilingual writer, drawing material from her own immigrant experience as well as from a well-established Slovenian diaspora located in Toronto.

She volunteered as a writer and editor of several Slovenian-Canadian publications that presented a unique opportunity to learn more about Slovenia’s language, culture, dialects, art, mythology, and history, particularly with the great struggle of Slovenian people to preserve their language and achieve their independence.

Several of her articles on Slovenian immigrants, in Canada, were published in the journal Two Homelands, published by the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Ljubljana. She is also the author of the articles on Canadian Slovenes in the Canadian Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples. Her biographical novel about a Slovenian Canadian abstract painter was published in both English and Slovenian. She also published the biography of one of the first Slovenian immigrants who spent over forty years among the Indigenous people of northern Canada, in Slovenian.

Cvetka’s artistic attributes, scholarly training and experiences have prepared her to approach the Voynich manuscript from a multidisciplinary perspective, creative intuitiveness and analysis based upon fact.  She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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