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Sample VM Words for Replication Part 2

Although most VM researchers and enthusiasts would like to see the translated sentences and perhaps the entire text, I have decided to take a slow road to enable anyone wishing to replicate my theory, to do so. Therefore, I will start with a simple vocabulary of the VM words that are still in use in Slovenian language, and what is most important, they are spelled exactly the same (letter-to-letter transliteration) as they are in the VM. The letter ‘y’ is usually translitterated as ‘j’ after or before the vowel, since the dipthongs are no longer used in Slovenian language, except in some foreign words.

For the replication to work, the minim ‘i’ could never be in the beggining or in the end of the word if transliterating from Slovenian to Voyniches, but when transliterating from Voyniches to Slovenian, the ‘y’ could be written as ‘i’ or as ‘j’. In my table below, I included an intermediery step by transliterating the Voyniches first into Latin and then to Slovenian (in the next column). The reason I left both is that in the 16th century, when the first Slovenian books were written, the ‘y’ was still frequently used.

I also included the words in different grammatical forms. Because the Slovenian language is highly inflective, it is hard to get words that are spelled the exactly the same way, with the same grammatical ending. I collected them from the 16th century text. Because of the unique topics, and different phonetic pronunciation, and hard-to-read handwriting, the correct translation would be a challenging work.

In a separate colum, the number of words in the entire text are listed. They are only an approxiamtion to give the readers an idea of frequency, because I have not totally separate the words yet. I suppose the frequency of certain words, and word-families gives us pretty good idea about the subject the matter and the grammatical style of writing.

Replicating these words is a helpful exercise and a good start to proceed to the more complicated words I will introduce in my future posts.




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